Machine Learning/Duolingo Seminar


Why on Earth Are Your Working on That??

A Panel Discussion:

  • Maria-Florina Balcan, Associate Professor, Machine Learning Department and Computer Science Department
  • Aaditya Ramdas, Assistant Professor, Department of Statistics and Data Science and Machine Learning Department
  • Eric P. Xing, Professor, Machine Learning Department, Language Technologies Institute, and Computer Science Department; and Co-Founder, Petuum

Panel moderator: Tom Mitchell, E. Fredkin University Professor, Machine Learning Department

What makes a good research problem?  Choosing the right problem is often the difference between making a difference in your research field versus not.  This panel discussion will feature a number of our successful researchers, explaining why they have chosen the problem they have.  Come listen to their strategies!

The ML seminar is generously sponsored by Duolingo

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