Raspberry π Week: Hackberry Pi : Kick-Off

  • Gates Hillman Centers
  • Rashid Auditorium 4401
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Raspberry π Week: Hackberry Pi
Brought to you by ACM@CMU

Do you want to build something cool on a Raspberry Pi?
Join Hackberry Pi Week with a team of up to 4 students and receive a  FREE*  Raspberry Pi kit!


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New to hacking on Raspberry Pi?
We will provide tutorial workshops to get you up and running with the Pi!

The Kickoff will be on Tuesday 3/20 and the Pi Day Exhibition will be on Tuesday 3/27 (exactly 314 hours after 3/14).
There will be pi<es> and pi<zzas> at the Expo!

Schedule of events
  • 19 Mar:  5:00 pm (GHC 6115) - JPL Talk on F Prime/Raspberry Pi's
  • 20 Mar:  6:00 pm (Rashid) - Kickoff
  • 27 Mar:  4:30 pm (Gates 4300 and 4400 Hallways) - Pi Day & Final Expo

Thank you to Microsoft, JPL, and Bloomberg for sponsoring this event!


*the Raspberry Pi kit is yours to keep IF you complete a hack and show it off at the exposition

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