Career Presentation

Overview of Microsoft Research India

Founded in 2005, Microsoft Research India just turned 13 years old.  Our work spans 4 areas: (1) Algorithms, data science and theory (2) machine learning and AI, (3) systems, including programming languages, security, privacy and networking, and (4) technology for socio-economic development. I will give an overview of our people, our research, and explain a few projects in some detail. I will also outline opportunities for students to engage with MSR India through internships, as well as applying for postdoc/research positions (we are hiring).

Sriram Rajamani is Managing Director of Microsoft Research India. His research interests are in designing, building and analyzing computer systems in a principled manner. Over the years he has worked on various topics including Hardware and Software Verification, Type Systems, Language Design, Distributed Systems, Security and Privacy, Cloud Security and Probabilistic Programming.  Together with Tom Ball, he was awarded the CAV 2011 Award for “contributions to software model checking, specifically the development of the SLAM/SDV software model checker that successfully demonstrated computer-aided verification techniques on real programs.” Sriram was elected ACM Fellow in 2015 for contributions to software analysis and defect detection. Recently, Sriram has been elected Fellow of Indian National Academy of Engineering.

Sriram has a PhD from UC Berkeley, MS from University of Virginia and BEng from College of Engineering, Guindy, all with specialization in Computer Science. Sriram was general chair for POPL 2015 in India, and was program Co-Chair for CAV 2005. He co-founded the Mysore Park Series, and the ISEC conference series in India. He served on the CACM editorial board till recently.

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