BHCI Capstone Final Presentations

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Project Presentations
  • 1:00 PM  —  Introduction
  • 1:05 PM  —  Interactive Training for Motivational Interviewing
                          → Mansi Agarwal, Emily Ding, Jee Yeon Rim, Kristel Yu
    We have designed and developed a supplementary MI practice and feedback platform to help minimally trained therapists improve their MI skills in rapport building and problem analysis.
  • 1:26 PM  —  Melanoma Staging Guidelines
                         → Matthew Fang, Alia Friedman, Kevin Wang, Amanda Yang, Sabrina Zhai
    How can we help dermatologists easily stage melanoma and provide decision support for treatment? Find out in our presentation through our amazing mobile prototype!
  • 1:47 PM  —  Adolescent Cyberbullying Intervention
                          → Edward Yonghee Cho, Sylvia Ding, Mel Kerber, Christine Seo
    Our group is proud to present Flourish: an intervention-based app that immediately supports adolescents who are being cyberbullied and motivates them to both mitigate their distress and confidently reach out to their support system.
  • 2:08  PM —  Bias in Machine Learning
                         → Yiying Ding, Mark He, Rachel Lee, Lena Li, Sidney Zhang
    Presenting a final working prototype of a machine learning bias-auditing platform including user testing results and design processes.
  • 2:29 PM  —  10 Minute Break
  • 2:39 PM  —  Designing for Collaborative Learning in K-12 Intelligent Classrooms
                          → Jisoo Geum, Christine Kim, Eileen Lee, Jacqueline Zhang
    Collabo is a web intervention that helps middle school math teachers manage collaborative activities in realtime in virtual-hybrid classroom environments.
  • 3:00 PM  —  Solbridge EA - Solar Monitoring
                          → Alex Hong, Jai Sawkar, Lily Shan, Michelle Tsang, Roy Xu
    We will be presenting a solution for Solbridge EA to both engage current solar owners and provide an avenue for non-solar owners to learn about the benefits of solar energy in Western PA.
  • 3:21 PM  —  Reducing Harm on 7 Cups
                         → Aanchal Aich, Eshita Banerjee, Christian Broms, JP Park, Rebecca Zheng
    Our team is excited to present our research and design solutions for keeping the 7 Cups community safe and empowering all members/listeners to feel prepared when abusive behavior occurs.
  •  3:42 PM —  10 Minute Break
  • 3:52 PM  —  Developing Systems for Promoting Positive Data Collecting Relationships on Twitch
                           → Linda Lin, Emmet Mack, Jesse Song, Kathy Song
    Our team will present our final prototype, explain our processes in ideating, testing, and iterating to create the deliverables in Unit 4 as well as throughout the semester, and conclude with our biggest takeaways working on this project.
  • 4:13 PM —  The Future of Educational Authoring Tools
                         → Christine Chen, Jessica Lim, Jessica Timczyk, Connie Ye
    Our team will present a solution that allows teachers to create personalized learning experiences for students by  leveraging smart tutors produced using CTAT, or Cognitive tutor authoring tools.
  • 4:34 PM —  Anti-Racism: The Next Generation Project
                         → Jocelyn Gao, Brent Hong, Elijah King, Ankita Kundu
    An interactive storytelling game that teaches children systemic racism through fostering empathy.
  • 4:55 PM  —  Closing Remarks

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