The Hank Suz-Chi Wan Distinguished Lecture

SCS Distinguished Lectures

People, Machines, and Intelligence: Pathways to Deeper Human-AI Synergy

We are in the early days of developing principles and mechanisms for harnessing the complementary skills of people and AI systems.  I will present promising directions for weaving together human and machine intellect, including methods for leveraging joint models of human and machine inferences, learning about the distinct strengths and weaknesses of people and machines, and guiding the volley of initiatives undertaken by people and AI systems.

I hope that the directions and aspirations covered in this Hank Suz-Chi Wan Lecture will appropriately honor Hank who believed in "the powers of computer science to create a better world.” 

Faculty Host: Brad Myers


Eric Horvitz  is a technical fellow at Microsoft, where he serves as the company’s Chief Scientific Officer.  His research addresses challenges of machine learning, reasoning, and decision making amidst the complexities of the open world.  His contributions include work in probabilistic and decision-theoretic representations, models of bounded rationality, and principles of human-AI complementarity and coordination. He received the Feigenbaum Prize and the Allen Newell Prize for contributions to AI.  He has been elected fellow of the National Academy of Engineering, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, AAAI, ACM, and the American College of Medical Informatics. He currently serves on the advisory boards of the Computer Science and Telecommunications Board (CSTB), the Allen Institute for AI, and the National Security Commission on AI. Eric received both a PhD and MD from Stanford University.  Additional information and publications are available here.

About the Lecture: The Hank Suz-Chi Wan Lecture, an annual distinguished lecture in the School of Computer Science, was established in 1996 as a tribute by the colleagues, friends  and family of CS Ph.D. student, Hank Suz-Chi Wan. The lecture reflects his belief in "the powers of computer science to create a better world" and his endless amazement and faith in those leading the sciences comprising this vast field.

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