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This series introduces the SCS community to some of its newest faculty members. This week, we'll hear from the Human-Computer Interaction Institute and Machine Learning / Institute for Software Research. Learn more about our new faculty,  Motahhare Eslami and Hoda Heidari,  and their research as well as have the opportunity to ask questions during a live Q&A portion, moderated by John Zimmerman.


►  John Zimmerman, Tang Family Professor of Artificial Intelligence and Human-Computer Interaction,  Human-Computer Interaction Institute

Faculty Presenters:

  Motahhare Eslami, Assistant Professor,  Human-Computer Interaction Institute

— Motahhare's work draws on human-computer interaction, social computing and data mining techniques to investigate users’ behavior around socio-technical systems, identify "misinformed" behavior, and redesign these systems to provide users with a more informed, satisfying, and engaging interaction. Currently, she is working on algorithmic opacity as one of the possible causes of misinformed behavior among users, and how we can mitigate it by adding transparency into opaque algorithmic socio-technical systems.

  Hoda Heidari , Assistant Professor, Machine Learning Department and  Institute for Software Research

— Hoda's current research is broadly concerned with the societal and economic aspects of Artificial Intelligence, and in particular, on issues of unfairness and inexplicability in Machine Learning. Hoda completed her doctoral studies in computer and information science at the University of Pennsylvania under the supervision of Professors Michael Kearns and Ali Jadbabaie.


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