SCS New Faculty Introduction Series

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Alumni Event

This series introduces the SCS community to some of the newest faculty members. You'll hear a brief overview of their current research and goals as well as have the opportunity to ask questions during a live Q&A portion.

Guest Speakers

Jamie Callan — Professor and Interim Director,  Language Technologies Institute, School of Computer Science

Yonatan Bisk — Assistant Professor, Language Technologies Institute, School of Computer Science
→ Yonatan's research focuses broadly on language grounding, action-taking, and theory-of-mind. His work assumes the importance of perception and/or world-building as crucial to constructing semantic representations for and with language.

Shinji Watanabe Associate Professor - Language Technologies Institute @School of Computer Science
→ Shinji is working on establishing speech and audio processing for realizing smart conversational agents. He uses advanced machine learning techniques, especially deep learning, to deal with all speech and audio related topics including speech recognition, speech enhancement, speaker identification and diarization, spoken language understanding, spoken dialog systems.


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