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84.51° knows customers, and we know how to connect you.  
Using a sophisticated, proprietary suite of tools and technology, we turn customer data into actionable knowledge. With unparalleled customer data and predictive analytics capabilities, we deliver personalized marketing strategies and ensure the best experience for customers of Kroger and more than 300 consumer-packaged-goods companies. We put the customer at the center of everything we do, resulting in a more dynamic, informed and personal approach to driving customer loyalty.

Internship Program: This program is a 10-week, full-time paid intern position that will allow you to gain work experience and learn about 84.51°— what we do and how we do it. This exciting program gives you the opportunity to participate in a learning experience where you will work collaboratively with 84.51° employees to complete a challenging project that adds value to our business. It also gives you the opportunity to build strong bonds with all the other Interns across functions as well as network with our 84.51° community. Upon completion of the 10-week internship, if we believe you met objectives while demonstrating our 84.51° values, you will be offered a position to join us full time in our Development Program.

Development Program: This program is created to support and develop top candidates who demonstrate that they are leaders in the making. During your first several weeks you will participate in an intensive, jump-start training to develop your understanding of 84.51°’s ways of working, the CPG and Retail industry and technical training on our tools and capabilities.  Every new hire receives a mentor to help transition into our company and our ways of working. The learning doesn’t stop after this program, it’s just the beginning!  All new hires in the program are considered a full-time employee on day one!  

Who We Look For: 

  • Our summer internship opportunities are available to current undergraduate juniors and seniors or 1st year graduate students. 
  • Our full-time positions in the Development Program are open to graduating seniors, graduate students, or someone looking to change careers a few years out of school.

Roles we recruit for include:   Data Science  | Consulting | Software Engineering | Product Management
The programs we typically recruit from are:  Business Analytics, Applied Mathematics, Business Economics, Applied Statistics, Marketing, Computer Science, Engineering or other quantitative programs.

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