SCS Faculty Candidate

  • Gates Hillman Centers
  • ASA Conference Room 6115
  • Ph.D. Student
  • Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department
  • University of California, Berkeley

City-Scale Sensing and Communication

Getting sensors out of the lab and deployed in our cities holds the promise of enabling a deeper understanding of our urban environments. However, the realities of deploying these systems are that an enormous amount of engineering effort must be completed before even simple exploratory deployments can occur. Signpost is one potential solution to this problem, reducing the barrier to entry by providing resources to plug-and-play sensing modules. We'll discuss the design of Signpost and how it addresses the needs of city-scale sensing. One particular need Signpost addresses is that of wide-area wireless communication. We'll dig deeper into this issue and explore several new low-power, wide-area networks that have the potential for enabling city-scale deployments. These networks are not without challenges, however, and we'll discuss how well existing networks can serve real-world application needs.


  • Research Talk: 10:00 am  - GHC 6115
  • Teaching Demo: 2:00 pm - GHC 6115

Branden Ghena is a PhD student at UC Berkeley studying embedded systems, wireless networks, and the Internet of Things with advisor Prabal Dutta. He has taught courses in Computer Organization and Embedded Systems at UC Berkeley and has won Outstanding GSI awards at UC Berkeley and Michigan.

Faculty Host: Brian Railing

Computer Science Department

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