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  • Chief Software Systems Architect
  • Lutron Electronics
Career Presentation

Powering Smart Homes at Scale: Developing a Highly Responsive IoT System from Devices to Cloud

In this talk, Christopher Oster, Chief Software Systems Architect at Lutron Electronics,  will provide a deep dive into the systems architecture and cloud software design to build a connected device ecosystem capable of servicing remote user commands with sub 50ms latencies at scale.

Christopher Oster has spent the last 15 years developing large scale, software intensive systems. Mr. Oster is the Chief Software Systems Architect at Lutron Electronics and is an industry recognized expert in Systems and Software Architecture and Model-based Design. In his current role, Mr. Oster focuses on delivering world class smart building solutions, establishing a formal software architecture foundation at the company, and establishing a burgeoning data science team.

Prior to joining Lutron Electronics, Mr. Oster spent 15 years at Lockheed Martin Corporation, working in the Space Systems division where he led efforts to develop the next generation "smart" flight software and drove data processing and analytic software initiatives applied to the space domain.

About Lutron
Lutron Electronics is a global leader that transformed the world of lighting control and never stops innovating in its 58 years. Our products range from a simple wall control that dims one light, to energy-saving commercial systems or IoT-connected residential systems that intelligently control all lights and motorized shades of an entire commercial building or home.

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