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  • Life Extensions

Over the centuries the average person's life expectancy has increased dramatically thanks to developments in medicine, hygiene, and other such fields. However, even in the most developed countries it's extremely rare for somebody to live longer than 100 years, with the longest confirmed human lifespan being 122 years, 164 days.

What if surviving to such an age wasn't a newsworthy event, but instead the norm or even unusually short? How would society respond if new technologies allowed the average person to live a much longer life than they do now? Would there be a different reaction if these extra years were healthy, "stretching" our lifespan, compared to if they simply added more years of old age? What if we couldn't make ourselves live longer, but instead managed to extend the period during which we stay healthy while still living about the same length of time?

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NOTE: The Pugwash meeting on Thursday, December 6, will be the last event of the semester.

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