Privacy Seminar

  • Senior Privacy Engineer
  • Google AI Healthcare Research

Privacy Engineering on the Ground: Problems, Principles, Perspectives

Privacy engineering is a new field which is rapidly gaining significance across all sectors in industry. In this talk, I will describe my experiences using examples of (i) real world lessons encountered in the process of engineering privacy (ii) relevant privacy principles applied (iii) useful perspectives to better navigate the field and have greater impact.

Divya Sharma is a Senior Privacy Engineer for Google AI Healthcare Research where she is responsible for privacy engineering. Previously, she was the privacy engineering lead for Google Assistant, as part of the Central Privacy and Security Engineering team. Her research interests lie at the intersection of security and privacy, accountability, applied machine learning, data analysis and human‐computer interaction. Prior to Google, Divya was part of the Technology Associates Program at Thomson Reuters where she
led the `Privacy by Design' initiative for Thomson Reuters, and also worked in the Applied Machine Learning Research team.

Divya completed her PhD at Carnegie Mellon University, specializing in data privacy and security. She completed her undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering from PEC University of Technology (India).

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