VATIC Labs: Meet, Greet and Talk

  • Gates Hillman Centers
  • 5th Floor Pausch Bridge Entry
Career Presentation

We are excited to meet with you and talk about the interesting problems we're tackling at Vatic Labs.

Who is Vatic?  We are traders, AI researchers, and technologists who collaborate to develop autonomous trading agents and cutting-edge technology and apply it to the financial markets. The nature of the problems we work on are challenging, hence we hire some of the world's top computer scientists and researchers to develop novel AI methods and trading strategies. Our environment is highly collaborative, fostering innovation and growth.

We are always looking for talented Software Engineers to join our team.

If this sounds exciting - please come visit us in the lobby for a quick chat and cookies!
If you can't stop by but still want to check out what's happening, please feel free to check out our website

Looking forward to seeing you!


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