Intel Presentation: Intel Realsense Depth Cameras

  • Newell-Simon Hall
  • Mauldin Auditorium 1305
Career Presentation

Learn about the latest Intel Realsense Depth Cameras

Come listen and learn from Dr. Anders Grunnet-Jepsen, CTO for the RealSense Group in Intel, and get some hands-on experience (bring your own laptop with a USB3 port)


  • 10:00 am:  Realsense Introduction - Anders Grunnet-jepsen
  • 11:30 am:  Try out Realsense Cameras
  • 12:30 pm:  Adjourn

Intel® RealSense™ technology is shaping the future by giving devices and machines the ability to perceive their surroundings in 3D. Our depth sensing capabilities make Intel® RealSense™ Technology suitable for a wide range of applications, including robotics, mobile, and AR/VR. They are particularly well suited for outdoor, high frame-rate, high resolution, and multi-camera usages.

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