Privacy Seminar

  • Senior Staff Software Engineer
  • Google Research, Pittsburgh

Demystifying the Online Ads Ecosystem

Online advertising is a big, confusing space. There’s a huge variety of business models, demand and supply sources, targeting and delivery options, measurement approaches, user surfaces, and experiences. In this talk, we’ll attempt to give the audience an Online Ads 101 view of the world. We’ll start from the economics, move on to a basic taxonomy of ads experiences, and then dive into fun and interesting topics like traffic acquisition, arbitrage, quality, policy, and maybe even a little bit of privacy.

Rob Malkin is a senior staff software engineer at Google's Pittsburgh office working on Ads Integrity.  He and his team are responsible for protecting Google's users, publishers, and advertisers by building automated enforcement mechanisms for Google's advertising policies.  Rob has been at Google for 11 years, and has previously worked on topics like predicting ad clickthrough rates, estimating quality of user experience on advertiser websites, and improving quality on the AdSense for Search network.  

Before Google, Rob was a PhD student at CMU's Language Technologies Institute, studying topics like auditory scene analysis.

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