Device Science and Nanofabrication Initiative Seminar

  • Spin Electronics Group
  • National Institute of Standards and Technology, Boulder

Understanding Anomalies and Variations in Magnetic Random Access Memory Devices

Eric Evarts received his B.S. in Physics and Computer Science from Brandeis University in 2006 He then attended Carnegie Mellon University where he completed a M.S. (2208) and Ph.D. (2011) in Physics working with Sara Majetich on magnetic nanoparticles and conductibe atomic force microscopy as a tool for nanoscale spintronic device characterization. He continued working on spintronic devices at the National Institute of Standards and Technology in Boulder, CO from 2011 until 2016, where he focused on development and high frequency measurements of spin-transfer-torquie oscillators and magnetic random access memory devices. Eric will be joining IBM as a Research Staff member in Albany, NY in January 2017, with a focus on device test and  characterization for magnetic random access memories.  He has ongoing interest in novel ways to use spintronic devices for alternative computation architectures inpsired by the functioning of the brain.

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