SCS Student Seminar Series

  • Gates&Hillman Centers
  • McWilliams Classroom 4303
  • Ph.D. Student
  • Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Assessing the Global Cyber and Bio Threat

Cyber-attacks are an international problem in today's inter-connected world. Cyber threat from any country is a threat and concern to everyone. Identifying the most threatening countries is an important step towards reducing the global cyber threat. Two types of countries pose great cyber security threat. The first type of countries offers favorable conditions to hosting cyber-criminal infrastructure. In the second type of countries, governments develop cyber warfare capabilities. These governments are even more threatening if they also have a weapon of mass destruction capability such as a bioweapon capability.

In this work, I identify countries that extensively host cyber-criminal infrastructure, and reasons why these countries are attractive for hosting such infrastructure. In my analysis, I use Symantec WINE data which consist of attack reports from more than 10 million Symantec customer computers worldwide. I also present a methodology for assessing countries' cyberwarfare and bioweapon capabilities. My methodology assesses both countries' motivations and latent abilities. In my assessment, I use socio-political data, and measures of countries' cyber and bio expertise and infrastructure.

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