Pugwash: Genetically Modified Agricultural Products


Monsanto, an American chemical and biotechnology company, is the leading producer of Genetically Modified (GM) seeds. According to Monsanto, they offer a great service to the agricultural industry. The products they offer are high-yielding seeds, advanced technologies to enhance nutrition and durability of crops and safe and effective crop protection solutions. All of these are beneficial to the farmer. So why would we hinder their production and selling of GM methods and seeds?

Despite the apparent benefits, companies such as Chipotle and Whole Foods are taking a stand against Monsanto and other GMO producers. These companies believe that GMO products must be labeled to allow customers the ability to avoid consuming them.

Another topic to delve into is the gene patents Monsanto has on it's alterations to agricultural products. Those in favor of gene patents believe that they protect the production of companies and stimulates innovation in the field. Others are opposed to the financial support and protection and believe it is wrong for the government to encourage GMO production.

How should we regulate these genetically modified organisms and seeds? Should we allow large producers, such as Monsanto to exist? Are we comfortable with a society in which we consume ever more genetically modified food?

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