Technologies for Safe and Efficient Transportation Seminar

  • UTC Faculty Researcher
  • Associate Professor of Robotics
  • Carnegie Mellon University

The Headlights of the Future

Join us as UTC Faculty Researcher, Srinivasa Narasimhan, discusses his research toward a smart automotive headlight for seeing through rain and snow. Standard vehicle headlights improve driver visibility at night by illuminating the road and the surrounding environment. Unfortunately, they also illuminate raindrops and snowflakes making them appear as bright flickering streaks that are distracting to the driver. Narasimhan and his team are developing a headlight capable of avoiding precipitation to improve driver visibility while adequately illuminating the road. This reduces driver stress and makes roads safer during rain and snowstorms. They have conducted simulations and built a prototype system to show that the approach is feasible and effective. Demonstration of the prototype system with an artificial raindrop generator actually makes the falling rain disappear in front of the observer!


Srinivasa Narasimhanis an Associate Professor at the Robotics Institute.  His research focuses on the physics of computer vision and computer graphics. His projects highlight three main aspects of my research - the mathematical modeling of the interactions of light with materials and the atmosphere; the design of novel cameras with higher resolution in space, color and intensity; and the development of algorithms for rendering and interpreting scene appearance. His research is motivated by applications in a wide range of fields including robotics, digital entertainment, remote sensing and underwater imaging.

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