WAY 2021 Workshop

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The WAY 2021 workshop is virtually colocated with SOUPS 2021.   The purpose of this workshop is to bring together researchers, practitioners, and industry to share experiences, concerns, and ideas about known and new authentication techniques.

The 7th Who Are You?! Adventures in Authentication Workshop (WAY 2021), will take place as a virtual event. The program will include refereed paper presentations and feature talks from industry experts who will discuss authentication as it applies to industry practices.

The goal of this workshop is to explore authentication related topics across the broad range of contexts, including enterprise systems, personal systems, and especially mobile and embedded systems (such as healthcare, smart home, IoT, and wearable systems). WAY provides an informal and interdisciplinary setting at the intersection of security, psychological, and behavioral science. WAY fosters a supportive and constructive environment for sharing ideas and giving feedback.

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→  WAY is FREE, but registration is required form to get the Zoom link and other info in order to attend.
→  There is no registration deadline, you can join anytime, even on Sunday during the workshop. Just register to receive all the coordinates.