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The End of Object Inheritance & The Beginning of a New Modularity

After 15 years of combined experience developing software of all types we are done with inheritance. We’ll explain how inheritance obfuscates our code and requires sympathetic co-obfuscation of the code of our clients. We will present superior techniques we use in place of inheritance that have made our programs easier to understand, use, extend, and maintain. We will conclude with the last and best of these techniques: a new modularity for the design of our software.


Augie Fackler is the author of many Mercurial extensions including hgsubversion, maintainer of hg-git, and contributor to Mercurial. He also started the Perian project and contributed to Adium.  He has a Bachelor of Science degree in computational mathematics from Hillsdale College. Augie lives in Pittsburgh and works at Google's Pittsburgh office where he maintains Mercurial-on-BigTable for the Project Hosting team. When not in front of a computer, he enjoys playing the french horn in community ensembles.

Nathaniel Manista is a graduate of Carnegie-Mellon University and has worked as a software engineer since 2004.

Faculty Host: Robert Harper

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