The Security and Privacy Project Showcase: Session One

Project Presentations

Sponsored by the Master of Science and Information Technology Privacy Engineering Program-(MSIT-PE)

Come and see great projects and learn more about the MSIT Privacy Engineering Program!
Snacks will be served.

  • How Chinese Internet Censorship is Implemented
    John Clark, Weisi Dai
  • Human study on the usability of Do Not Track
    Michael Lumish, Subramanian Srisankaran, Preethi Sahayaraj
  • Android OS Privacy Project
    Adam Durity, Gregory Smith, Ziewei Hu
  • Evaluating the New Fingerprinting Functionality of iPhone 5s
    Sakshi Garg, Aditya Marella, Zhipeng Tian
  • IPhone 5s Touch ID Usability and Security
    Sophia Feng, Shri Karthikeyan
  • Software Piracy
    Arthur Lee, Timonthy Koh
  • Modern Browser Security and Privacy
    Luke Schenker, Eric Telmer
  • Malware on Mobile Devices
    Claire Chan, Milan Desai
  • A Study on General Privacy Knowledge
    James Maclean, Rohan Meringenti, Gretchen Tan
  • Why Johnny Wants the Ability to be Anonymous: A Study on Users' Reactive Behavior Regarding Privacy Choices in Social Networks Due to Anonymous Pier Reviews
    Pranshu Kalvani, Chao Pan


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