ProductCamp Pittsburgh

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ProductCamp Pittsburgh is the FREE premiere event for product manager and product marketing professionals but that's not everyone; it's also for innovators, marketers, designers, CXOs, founders, engineers, and researchers who are all eager to discuss best practices, share insights and make connections with top minds in the local product community

ProductCamp is an un-conference where your peers gather to share tips, best practices and their experience.

What's an Un-Conference?
​Answer: Not your typical conference 

  • Not just passive listening
  • Not predetermined
  • Not prearranged

An unconference is a free conference organized, structured and led by the people attending it.  Instead of passive listening,  all attendees and organizers are encouraged to become participants with discussion leaders providing moderation and structure for attendees.  At the unconference, event topics are not predetermined and panels have not been arranged.  Instead, the event lives and dies by the participation of you and other attendees.  So whether you come prepared to run a full workshop or presentation, lead a Q&A, or just lead or contribute to an open discussion, all formats are welcome.

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