Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

  • Tepper Quadrangle
  • Swartz Center for Entrepreneurship, 3rd Floor
Career Presentation

Join us at the Swartz Center for Entrepreneurship for our Entrepreneurship. Bootcamp, a one-day glimpse into entrepreneurship at CMU and Pittsburgh.


1:30 pm Entrepreneurship at CMU & Panel Discussions
— Learn the ins and outs of entrepreneurship at CMU and in Pittsburgh from the perspective of startups and students. Meet members from Innovation Works, AlphaLab, AlphaLab Gear, CTTEC and many more.

3:00 pm  — Entrepreneurship 101
— Interested in entrepreneurship but have little to no experience? Learn the vocabulary and how startups differ from small businesses.

4:00 pm  — Networking at the Swartz Center for Entrepreneurship
— Experience CONNECTS, which formally connects you with the entrepreneurial community around you.


Sponsored by: Swartz Center for Entrepreneurship and Graduate Entrepreneurship Club