Product Camp - Pittsburgh

  • Tepper Quad
  • Ground Floor / Second Floor

Product Camp - Pittsburgh

Participant-driven, collaborative, FREE event!

Product Camp is an exciting, one-day event where you can learn the latest buzz on product management. It's also a great way to learn and connect with your "product peers."

Product Camp is for anyone who wants to learn about product management, develop their craft, learn from each other, and network in meaningful ways with other Product Managers, Product Developers, Product Planners, Project Managers, Consultants, Engineers, Entrepreneurs, Marketing & Sales Professionals, UX Designers, Business Analysts and students.

Session ideas and topics are submitted by the participants prior to the event and on the morning of the event beginning at 8:00 a.m. A final agenda is voted on and then created in real-time, by and for the attendees. Anyone can propose a session idea in any format. See the site for more info and to submit your session idea.

Hosted by Carnegie Mellon University