JANE STREET: Electronic Trading Challenge (ETC)

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Jane Street will be returning to San Francisco this July for our Electronic Trading Challenge and we invite you and your classmates and friends!

We'll be hosting an Electronic Trading Challenge (ETC), a day-long programming contest where participants compete against each other in a simulated market. We'll begin at 10:00am PT on Saturday, July 14 and continue into the night.
Breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be provided and there's a cash prize for the winning team.

You can sign up either as a single participant or as a team. If you sign up alone we'll randomly assign you to a team.

This event is intended only for students currently enrolled in a college or university.


Sign-ups will close on Sunday, July 8 at 11:59pm PT and we'll notify all interested students of their attendance by Thursday, July 12.
Due to potential space constraints we are only going to provide the location and other details to those who are confirmed for a spot, but it will be in downtown San Francisco.

Jane Street asserts no ownership over any content created in the competition. Jane Street's use of the content created is limited to reviewing participants' work to ensure fairness of the competition.

For more information about events happening at Jane Street please visit our events page.

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