Robotics Seminar

  • Newell-SImon Hall
  • Mauldin Auditorium 1305
  • CEO & Founder
  • Omnipresent Robot Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (New Delhi)

Robo-preneurship: Challenges and Opportunities

Have you thought of becoming a entrepreneur in robotics , the field that you absolutely love ? If you have not, think again because the next Gates , Jobs and Zukerburgs are not going to come from Internet or Mobile industry  , rather they will be Robo-preneurs.  The Robotics industry would be next big ubiquitous technology by the end of this decade.   It is easy to start your own venture if you have good marketable idea and a motivated team. However, sustaining a start-up especially in Robotics which requires significant and continued R&D expenditure could be monumental task. I want to share Omnipresent’s story  as to how we survived against all odds with  no external investors and financers and are able to bootstrap our way to create some amazing products .  We learnt some important lessons of how keep the team motivated with limited remuneration and creating a cash cow to survive and self-finance the business.  Importance of creating a trusting dedicated core team and full utilization of resources also plays a key role. I would also show case one of our products: Speed Robotics Kit “Create Any Robot in 30 Minutes.” 

Speed Robotics Kit provides a universal plug and play hardware/software interface to connect to most of the common types of sensor and motors using open source platform.  It also provides an android interface which allows us to use the computation power, sensors, cameras and wi-fi  available on android phone. We have the ability to fly a drone by simply using an onboard android phone connected with our speed robotics board. No additional auto pilot, IMU, GPS, or Radios needed. This makes a powerful and easy platform to develop a variety of robots at low cost by simply using android phone with Speed Robotics kit


Aakash Sinha is CEO and founder of Omnipresent Robot Technologies Pvt. Ltd. It is the first company of its kind that is making Robots for all four operational domains of Land, Air, Water and Space . This Includes Robotic Boats, mini drones, bomb disposal robots and Space robots. Bomb disposal robot developed by Omnipresent was displayed by DRDO at the Def Expo 12 (India’s largest defense exhibition), it was also selected as India’s top 30 innovations in 2012 and Aakash was awarded Gold medal by the Minister of  Sc. & Tech  for this work. Omnipresent is also a partner with ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) on Chandrayaan-2 mission (India’s  2nd Moon Mission).

Earlier in his career, Aakash Sinha lead the team at iRobot Corp that supplied over 3000 robots to US army.  He was also awarded DARPA Robotics Grand Challenge finalist medal by US Dept. of Defense.  He also lead development on several US defense Robotics projects like RGator Autonomous Vehicle , Unmanned Ground Combat Vehicle (Spinner ) and Yamaha R-max Drone. Aakash holds a master’s degree in Robotics from Carnegie Mellon University under the guidance of Dr. Raj Reddy and a Bachelor in Electrical Engineering from Delhi College of Engineering.  Aakash has been recipient of several awards including; winner,  Lockheed Martin India Innovation growth program, MIT TR35 2013 award, CNN Indian Positive award, Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2012 by Enterprise Asia, Outstanding Entrepreneur award from All Journalist Association , iRobot Outstanding employee award and DCE Alumni entrepreneurship excellence award.  Aakash has a vision to create simplified robotics technology for both defense and civilian use .

Faculty Host: Mel Siegel

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