Software Research Seminar

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  • Ph.D. Students
  • Ph.D. Program in Software Engineering
  • Carnegie Mellon University


Simon Chu, Software Engineering Ph.D. Student
Exploring the Feature Interaction Problem in Cyber-Physical Systems

⇒ As software systems are being used in almost every aspect of our society and the popularization of feature-driven development, more and more features are being implemented in software systems. This may result in the feature interaction problem when two or more independent features interact with each other in unanticipated ways, which can cause undesirable system outcome that leads to property damage or even life loss.

Prior work has tackled this problem by synthesizing new actions when feature interaction occurs. However, this may not always yield perfect resolutions, and it may still compromise the safety of the system and violate the system specification in extreme cases. In this talk, I will present my current work and related works in mitigating this problem by proactively detecting feature interaction using our proposed framework illustrated by a case study. I will also present future work and potential research directions.


Leo Li, Software Engineering Ph.D. Student
VPC Security Simplifier

⇒ Large customers such as Netflix and Twitch usually have fairly complicated virtual network cloud (VPC) configurations. It is hard to maintain and update such configurations because misconfiguration may cause service outages. In this talk, I'm going to present VPC security simplifier, a tool that is able to simplify VPC configurations safely and automatically.

Zoom Participation. See announcement for details.

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