DROPBOX: New Grad Panel

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  • Virtual Panel
Career Presentation

Join us virtually, to learn about the intern and new grad working experience at Dropbox.

Our speakers will each share a different perspective on their experience with the recruiting process, working at Dropbox, and finally deciding to become a Droplet!


Cara Wolfe — Software Engineer @ Dropbox
⇒ Cara is a Senior at UC Berkeley, studying Computer Science and Asian American Studies. During Summer 2020, she interned as a Software Engineer on the Scaled Experiences Team where she built solutions for Dropbox’s largest Enterprise customers. Cara loves advocating for greater accessibility and inclusion in tech. At Berkeley, she is the President of the Association of Women in EE&CS (AWE) and is currently teaching a new class, Taking Our Place in the Tech Space. She'll be joining Dropbox as a New Grad Software Engineer in 2021.

Monica Pardeshi — Software Engineer @ Dropbox
⇒ Monica graduated from Carnegie Mellon University in 2020, with a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science. She joined Dropbox as the company was transitioning to remote-work and is currently a Software Engineer on the Storage Platform Team at Dropbox. She specializes in working with Data Storage and Distributed Systems, and is passionate about building scalable and efficient storage solutions.

Eduardo Torres Montano — Software Engineer @ Dropbox
⇒ Eduardo graduated from Stanford University in 2017. He's been a Software Engineer at Dropbox for 2.5 years, and is currently on the Core Sync Team in the Seattle area. He was an intern at Dropbox prior to joining as a full-time employee, and has since been involved in the Internship Program as an Intern Mentor and Intern Program Manager. He's always been a big fan of building things, from Ikea furniture, to Gundams, to Software systems! A fun fact about him is that he used to play trumpet in a Mariachi band in college!

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