Special Human-Computer Interaction Talk

  • Ph.D. Candidate
  • Universit√© Grenoble Alpes, France

Fostering Design Process of Shape-changing controls

Shape-changing interfaces are interfaces that take or express changes in their shapes as a way to interact with users. Shape-changing interfaces will be increasingly available to end-users in the future, along with technology development. To increase users' acceptance of shape-changing interfaces, we need to provide designers with design tools that can systemically explore design options and evaluate them. In the talk, I introduce my Ph.D. work in the direction of delivering two design tools for shape-changing interfaces. First, I conduct a formative study to suggest design requirements for shape-changing interfaces from their current practice. Second, I advance existing a shape-changing interface taxonomy to broaden design vocabulary and enhance design exploration. Lastly, I develop two case studies: 1) KnobSlider, a shape-changing interface that can be a knob or a slider, and 2) ExpanDial, a dial that can change its height and width.

Hyunyoung Kim is a Ph.D. candidate at Université Grenoble Alpes, France. She is passionate about understanding underlying problems in control interfaces and providing design frameworks and toolkits to encourage designers to create solutions, mostly through shape-changing interfaces.

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