CYNGN Tech Talk

Career Presentation

Towards Commercially Viable Autonomous Vehicles

At this presentation, five CMU Alumni will be present to share their experience in the autonomous vehicle industry and introduce our company to the students.

At Cyngn, we are bringing the future of autonomy to the present. We are developing applied autonomy solutions for our clients across a wide range of commercial and industrial sectors. Our products are capable of operating on various types of vehicles, and suitable for scenarios in complex environments. We are excited to announce that we are opening up for hiring.

Positions available are:

  • Software Engineer - Motion Planning, Software Engineer - Parallel Computing (GPU)
  • Software Engineer - Simulation
  • Software Engineer - Visualization / Web

If you are interested in building production-level autonomous vehicles, apply on handshake and come talk with us during the following events:

Graduate Students (only):  If you plan to attend this session, please RSVP

You can also meet us at our booth during TOC (9/24 and 9/26).

Have questions on the hiring process or opportunities?  Please email us.




For More Information, Please Contact: