Vision and Autonomous Systems Center Seminar (VASC)

  • Professor
  • Department of Automation
  • Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Vision based Micro Intelligent Vehicles

The significance of autonomous driving experiments as well as traffic flow experiments in actual traffic environments have caused widespread concern in recent years. While, the implement of such experiments should take quite a number of other factors into consideration like weather, safety and law, which leads to the result that the development period become endless and research efficiency is slow down. Furthermore, it is unrealistic for multi-vehicle collaboration researches which needs multiple intelligent vehicles join in. Micro Intelligent Vehicle (MicroIV) is proposed for traffic flow simulation and intelligent vehicle system development. Several real-time and robust framework of hardware and software are proposed to meet the robust, cost-effective and expandable requirements. Some real experiments and demonstrations with dozens of MicroIV have been made in the past few years.


Dr. Ming YANG graduated from Tsinghua University in China. After two-year post-doc experiences in INRIA, he is currently a full professor in the department of Automation in Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and director of Research Institute of Intelligent Vehicles Technology. He has been working in the area of intelligent vehicles for more than 15 years, participated in several research projects related to intelligent vehicles, such as THMR-V project (first intelligent vehicle in China), European CyberCars and CyberMove projects, CyberC3 project, CyberCars-2 project, ITER transfer cask project, AGV, etc.

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