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  • Mapping the Future of the Humanities and Social Sciences
Special Events

This event is part of a national discussion of a 2013 report by a commission of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences titled “The Heart of the Matter.” 

Two members of the “Heart of the Matter” commission, Norman Augustine, an engineer and retired CEO of Lockheed Martin, and Hunter Rawlings III, a Cornell professor of classics and president of the Association of AmericanUniversities,will speak on the panel, along with four CMU faculty members. The discussion will focus on rich and productive collaborations among the humanities and social sciences and the sciences, arts, engineering and public policy.

Following opening remarks by President Subra Suresh, Dietrich College Dean John Lehoczky will moderate the panel discussion. Augustine and Rawlings will discuss the Heart of the Matter report and its recommendations.

CMU faculty who will share their perspectives on these issues are:

  • Baruch Fischhoff, Howard Heinz University Professor of Social and Decision Sciences and Engineering and Public Policy;
  • Susan G. Polansky, head of the Department of Modern Languages;
  • David R. Shumway, professor of English and director of the Humanities Center; and
  • Kiron K. Skinner, associate professor of political science and director of the Center for International Relations and Politics.

The event is free and open to all.

Following the panel discussion, Dietrich College students will showcase their research at a poster session and reception in the Cohon University Center’s Peter, Wright and McKenna rooms.

The event is part of the yearlong celebration of Carnegie Mellon’s ninth president, Dr. Subra Suresh.

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