SCS Special Seminar

  • REN NG
  • Founder and Chairman
  • Lytro

The Light Field Paradigm for Computational Imaging Systems

Computation promises to bring a revolution to imaging, and early successes have already achieved mainstream im-pact. Nevertheless, almost all real world uses are limited by working from 2D representations of light (images), while it is well known that light is inherently a 4D function in free-space (the light field). Recording and processing the 4D light field is neces-sary to more deeply realize the potential of integrating advanced computation into the imaging pipeline.<

In this talk, I will present aspects of the capabilities, theory and engineering of light field imaging systems. We will cover a signal processing theory that unifies compu-tational refocusing and computational correction of lens aberrations. I will also present recent results in exploiting such computation to design superior lenses. Finally, I will provide context for how light field imaging fits with technology trends in the global supply chain, and identify high-potential research chal-lenges and opportunities.


Dr. Ren Ng is Founder and Executive Chairman at Lytro, a startup company in Mountain View that develops computational imaging cameras and software. Previously, Ren served as Lytro's CEO, growing the team to 70 people and shipping the first camera for consumers. Ren's interests are in imaging, graphics and applied mathematics, and his technical focus is on investigating the theory and engineering of computational imaging systems. Ren completed his Ph.D. in computer science at Stanford University, which received the ACM Doctoral Dissertation Award and Stanford's Arthur Samuel Award. Ren has received the HIPA Photographic Research Award, PMDA Technical Achievement Award, R.I.T.'s Imaging Hall of Fame, the Selwyn Award from the Royal Photographic Society, MIT Tech Review's TR35 and Entrepreneur of the Year, Fast Company's 100 Most Creative People in Business.

Faculty Host: Kayvon Fatahalian

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