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Multi-label Learning with Millions of Labels for Query and Phrase Recommendation

Recommending phrases from web pages for advertisers to bid on against search engine queries is an important research problem with direct commercial impact. Most approaches have found it infeasible to determine the relevance of all possible queries to a given ad landing page and have focussed on making recommendations from a small set of phrases extracted (and expanded) from the page using NLP and ranking based techniques. In this paper, we eschew this paradigm, and demonstrate that it is possible to efficiently predict the relevant subset of queries from a large set of monetizable ones by posing the problem as a multi-label learning task with each query being represented by a separate label.

We develop Multi-label Random Forests to tackle problems with millions of labels. Our proposed classifier has prediction costs that are logarithmic in the number of labels and can make predictions in a few milliseconds using 10 Gb of RAM. We demonstrate that it is possible to generate training data for our classifier automatically from click logs without any human annotation or intervention. We train our classifier on tens of millions of labels, features and training points in less than two days on a thousand node cluster. We develop a sparse semi-supervised multi-label learning formulation to deal with training set biases and noisy labels harvested automatically from the click logs. This formulation is used to infer a belief in the state of each label for each training ad and the random forest classifier is extended to train on these beliefs rather than the given labels. Experiments reveal significant gains over ranking and NLP based techniques on a large test set of 5 million ads using multiple metrics


Manik Varma is a researcher at Microsoft Research India where he helps manage the Machine Learning and Optimization group. Manik received a bachelor's degree in Physics from St. Stephen's College, University of Delhi in 1997 and another one in Computation from the University of Oxford in 2000 on a Rhodes Scholarship. He then stayed on at Oxford on a University Scholarship and obtained a DPhil in Engineering in 2004. Before joining Microsoft Research, he was a Post-Doctoral Fellow at MSRI Berkeley. He has been an Adjunct Professor at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi in the Computer Science and Engineering Department since 2009 and jointly in the School of Information Technology since 2011. His  research interests lie in the areas of machine learning, computational advertising and computer vision. He has served as an Area Chair for machine learning and computer vision conferences such as NIPS, ICCV and CVPR.

Faculty Host: Tom Mitchell


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