INFO SESSION: WabTec at TechSpark

  • Ansys Hall C02 and Zoom
  • In person and Virtual | Repeats Every Half Hour
Career Presentation

The TechSpark prototyping facility is excited to announce new opportunities in Spring 2022 to re-create freight transportation as smart, autonomous, safe, and environmentally conscious.  Through a connection with industry professionals at Wabtec, a company pioneering the future of freight in 2030, CMU students will lead the development of the next generation in locomotive technology.  Join the informational session running every half-hour within 11:30am-2:30pm by Wabtec at TechSpark to learn more about the upcoming make-a-thon, semester challenge, internships, fellowships, and monetary prizes.

Make-a-thon scheduled 10-14 January 2022 

  • Rail safety - applications are open (10min) 
  • Due by Friday, 5 November 2021  (late submissions are waitlisted)
  • 1st round invitations sent by 12 November 2021  | Commitments needed by 19 November 202

Challenge in Spring Semester 2022 artificial intelligence, robotics, net zero emissions 

Bonus:  Free Food

In Person and Zoom. See announcement and/or email.