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WeListen is a grassroots, campus-based organization bridging the American political divide.

Their Mission: To build empathy across the American political spectrum through conversation.

Their Goal: Change the American political climate by building a movement of listeners on campuses across the country.

WeListen convenes small-group discussion to humanize the other side. We're fostering small-group discussion between unlikely conversants to change the American political climate—campus by campus. Through each session, we engage in civil dialogue during challenging conversations, educate participants about pertinent topics, and facilitate a sense of community among all involved.

REGISTER ⇒ Space Limited (due to the structure of the event)

vDoors open at 4:45 pm. 

About the Series: Conversations aims to bring students of disparate beliefs to the realization that it is crucial for the future functioning of our society that we learn to agree to disagree. It periodically feels like society is fraying along its seams, threatening to rend and unleash pandemonium. How did we get here? What can we do?  Conversations aims to understand these questions through the lens of engaged speakers, discourse, and fresh dialogue. 

Hosted by the School of Computer Science Masters Student Advisory Committee

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