Smart Mobility Connection Seminar

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  • Professor of Civil Engineering and City and Regional Planning
  • College of Engineering
  • The Ohio State University

Time-of-Day Traffic Volumes Using Video Imagery Obtained from Transit Buses in Regular Operations

Transit agencies are increasingly equipping their fleet with video cameras for safety, security, and liability purposes. We propose that the existing video imagery on transit buses can lead to traffic volume estimates on the roadways traversed by the transit fleet at minimal additional cost. Unlike traditional approaches, which collect data at a few fixed locations on an urban network, transit buses cover most major roads across the urban network on a regular, repeated basis. Although any one passage of a bus over a road segment would lead to a very short duration, “noisy” estimate of traffic volume, the repeated coverage of transit buses should allow a sufficiently large number of independent observations that good estimates of traffic volume patterns could be obtained.

We present empirical results that compare time-of-day traffic volumes estimated using video imagery obtained from transit buses during their normal operations to traffic volumes obtained from concurrently collected road-tube data. The comparisons indicate the potential of using existing data at minimal additional cost for ongoing traffic volume estimation over large geographic regions on an ongoing basis. . 

The presentation is co-authored by Mark McCord, Rabi Mishalani, and Benjamin Coifman - presented by Mark McCord.

Mark McCord is a Professor of Civil Engineering and City and Regional Planning at The Ohio State University, where he has been teaching and conducting research in transportation systems, engineering, and planning since 1983. His recent research focusses on innovative uses of remotely and automatically sensed data for transportation applications. Professor McCord is the co-founder and co-director of OSU’s Campus Transit Lab, a living lab that supports research, education, and outreach. He received a Ph.D. in Civil Engineering – Transportation Systems from MIT, an M.S. in Industrial Engineering from Stanford University, and a B.S. in Civil Engineering from Purdue University.


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