Bloomberg's Summer of Puzzles!

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Week 2

You are invited to join Bloomberg's Summer of Puzzles!

For  9 weeks (started August 7) a new online puzzle will become available every Friday at 12:00pm ET. If you miss a week, don't worry! Puzzles from previous weeks will remain unlocked for you to solve at any time throughout the duration of the 9 weeks.

The Rules 

  • For the first 3 days that a puzzle is available, a hint will be released every 12 hours.
  • All released hints will remain available for the full 9 weeks.
  • Solve the weekly puzzle to earn points and monitor the leaderboard to see if you are one of the top scorers!
  • Your place on the leaderboard will be determined by how quickly you solve each puzzle.
  • If you solve a puzzle after all hints have been released you can still earn the maximum number of points, but your ranking will be below those who completed the puzzle before you.
  • There is no penalty for submitting an incorrect answer and looking at hints does not affect your score.

Prizes! The first place winner will receive a monitor, keyboard and mouse for the optimal work from home set-up! The second and third place winners will receive noise-canceling headphones.

These puzzles are all created by our very own Bloomberg Software Engineers. Each week we will be highlighting the creator on our official Bloomberg Summer of Puzzles blog so you can learn a little bit more about our employees! 

We will also put out a weekly teaser for each puzzle drop. You can visit our blog.

You can access all puzzles as they become available. Happy Puzzling!


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