Heinz Faculty Guest Lecture Speaker

  • Chief Executive Office and Cofounder
  • Marinus Analytics

Insights into Sex Trafficking in the Digital Age

For all of its modern conveniences, there is an exploitative aspect to our online world. Marinus Analytics develops tools to equip law enforcement to investigate hidden crimes such as human trafficking. This presentation will describe the company’s progress, and the ongoing challenges law enforcement faces in protecting victims of technology-enabled exploitation.

CEO and cofounder of Marinus Analytics, Cara is passionate about high tech implementations that maximize the efficiency, and by extension, impact, of agencies. She has managed the commercialization of Marinus Analytics’s Traffic Jam software from its research incubation at Carnegie Mellon University to its operational role in supporting law enforcement throughout the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Traffic Jam is an AI-driven tool which aids investigations into sex trafficking, organized crime, and missing persons cases. Her professional experiences ranges from computer engineering, social entrepreneurship, and digital transformation in policing.


Lunch will be provided for registrants.