39th Annual Pretty Good Race

  • Schenley Park
  • Trail under the Panther Hollow Bridge

The 39th annual running of the SCS Pretty Good Race (aka The Coach Tomayko Pretty Good Race) will take place Friday, 30 August, starting at 4:30 p.m. under the Panther Hollow Bridge. Our version of the Pittsburgh Great Race, the "Pretty Good Race," is held every September in Schenley Park. Bets between students and their advisors are tradition. Alll members of the SCS and SEI community are welcome to test their running skills…or walking, or simply cheering-others-on skills!


Start/Finish: Schenley Park trails under Panther Hollow Bridge: 

  • (from Frew St., cross Flagstaff Hill to Schenley Park Visitor Center
  • take the cobblestone driveway next to Schenley Park Visitor Center
  • it will lead you under the bridge and to the starting point of the reace

Divisions5K Run or 5K Race-Walk.

Open to all members of the SCS/SEI community, families, and friends.

Special note: The PGR is most graciously organized by yearly by Dirk Kalp with our appreciation.  He's also a runner, knows the course, and welcomes volunteers! Reach out to him with questions, to volunteer, and more!


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