MSE Programs Annual Agents of Change Speaker Series


Millions of Moving Parts: Lessons Learned from the Field

How do you grapple with a project that brings together massive scale, tight scheduling, and bleeding-edge cloudfirst design? Carefully.

Now what about a project that unites cloud-first design, hybrid platforms, massive scale, data science, mobile systems, and agile methodologies?

Our client, Pearson, asked us at Fino to do just that. A giant in the field of education, Pearson came to us with the seemingly impossible. Build, integrate, and deliver numerous discrete and interdependent elements. And deliver it into production 5 months after the first line of code. There were opportunities for failure everywhere.

But we delivered a great product in the end. In the course of this talk, I will discuss how my team and I learned to embrace each aspect of a multi-variant project like this and, moreover, learned how to manage tension between project elements to deliver a timely, highly functional product.

Christian Jungers has been a hands on CTO and executive leader in boutique software consulting for over 15 years, executing successful projects of all scales for clients across numerous industries. Christian strives to apply the best software engineering practices within clients’ timelines and budgets, to discover and deliver successful outcomes. As a deep technologist, his experience has crossed numerous platforms, languages, and architectures, allowing him to bring complex hybrid systems to production scale for clients including Pearson, SunGard, Hess, Direct Energy, and JP Morgan Chase. Currently, Christian is CTO for Fino Consulting and Therm, where his primary focus is their new SaaS product for the retail energy industry.

Christian has lived in the NYC area for over a decade after numerous other places including Boston, New Hampshire, and Saudi Arabia. He earned a BS in Computer Science and Cognitive Science, a BA in Philosophy, and an MS in Software Engineering, all from Carnegie Mellon University.

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The Agents of Change Speaker Series is a one of a kind initiative by the Masters of Software Engineering Professional Programs at Carnegie Mellon. The series is a yearly celebration of our alumni through the lens of our core mission: to create “agents of change” that can help shape the future of technology.  The event features a graduate of one of the MSE Professional Programs, one who has successfully applied what they have learned in their degree program to change the way an organization develops, manages, and deploys software systems.

Open to the entire SCS community.

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