Robotics Seminar

  • Gates Hillman Centers
  • ASA Conference Room 6115
  • Senior Technical Leader, Autonomous Vehicles
  • Research & Advanced Engineering
  • Ford Motor Company

AI, Robotics, and Autonomous Vehicle Development at Ford Motor Company

This presentation will highlight the history of autonomous vehicle development at Ford Motor Company and elsewhere within the industry, with an emphasis on discussing some of the difficult remaining challenges to be solved. Additionally, examples illustrating the broader range of potential applications for AI and Robotics within the transportation industry will be touched upon.

Dr. James McBride has been a member of the Research Staff at Ford Motor Company since 1984, and is presently the Senior Technical Leader for Autonomous Vehicles.  More than a decade ago, he founded Ford’s research program in vehicular autonomy as a means to enhance safety and mobility within the automotive industry.  Notably, he led one of a select few teams to the finals of both the Desert and Urban DARPA Grand Challenges, watershed events in the rapid advancement of autonomous technologies. Although Dr. McBride is nominally a solid-state physicist with expertise in sensing techniques involving lasers and optics, he has also worked on a wide variety of topics such as nuclear physics, alternative energy devices, exhaust-gas catalysis, crystallography, and superconductivity. Over the course of his career, he has collaborated on projects with numerous national laboratories, governmental agencies, universities, and corporations, and has published over 50 peer-reviewed articles and presented more than 100 invited talks.

Faculty Host: Red Whittaker

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