5th Annual TOBOM Races

  • Gates Hillman Centers
  • The Helix, 3rd floor Ramp Entry

To complement our Annual SCS Mobot Races in Spring 2018, we also host the annual Fall Demos/Races: ToboM.

With MoBot (now in its 24th year),  members of the CMU community harness their singular and collective talents to create Mobots that race along and "down" the slalom-course on the paved walkway in front of Wean Hall. (i.e., the curvy white lines).

ToboM asks community members to race their bots up The Helix in GHC. The problem is challenging,  the solutions many,  the weather more predictable, but we get to introduce whole new levels of complexity.  Going up or down, issues of autonomous movement are always exciting.

The Helix starts on the 3rd floor of GHC and winds its way up to the 5th floor.  It's a long and circuitous hike for humans --- and perhaps an even greater challenge for a robot?  And as it's also Family Weekend, we hope to let our guests see what we do and build!

If you have a robot you would like to build,  try out,  or simply test  to see if it will make its way up The Helix....please join in!  We would like to see what Robots  can do when faced with a winding, uphill bit of architecture.  Rolling, hovering, flying, slithering,  or crawling --- all is acceptable.  And you'll be showing our community/guests what is possible -- while better defining the essence and scope of ToBoM Racing.

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