ChargeCar Open House

  • 4621 Forbes Avenue
  • The Electric Garage
Special Events

A project of the CREATE Lab at Carnegie Mellon University, ChargeCar is dedicated to open, community-centered teamwork for making electric vehicles practical and affordable enough to revolutionize urban commuting. You can calculate the cost of commuting with an electric car using your actual commute data, compare the efficiency of gasoline and electric cars for your trips, and browse commutes across the country. Learn More

This informal Open House will celebrate  the installation of a new, Tesla HPWC (High Power Wall Connector) at the  Electric Garage. Thanks to Dr. Howard Kaplan for the generous donation of installation costs, and to Tesla Corporation for the donation of their charger.

This event also offers an opportunity to recognize how dramatically the use of the Electric Garage is improving every month, and we will discuss future plans for the Electric Garage. We are also inviting Tesla to come and help us thank them, as well as Solar City.

We particularly encourage EV owners to bring and brag about their EVs.
Open to the Public

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