Carl Sagan Fest: A Celebration of Science and Humane Values: (Apple Pie, Pizza, Talk, Documentary, and Star Gazing)

  • Baker Hall
  • Giant Eagle Auditorium A51
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Carl Sagan believed that empirical science should be used wherever possible to broaden our understanding of the universe and lend clarity to the human condition, even if it means occasionally treading on sacred ground.  In his new book, The Way of Science, author Dennis Trumble examines this claim by asking the question: Would grasping the world as it really is make for a more meaningful, happy and fulfilling life, or are we better off taking some things on faith?


Dennis R. Trumble is a project scientist in the Circulatory Support Laboratory and an adjunct professor of biomedical engineering at Carnegie Mellon University. He is the holder of many patents for biomedical devices and has published numerous research articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

Sponsored by the CMU Humanist League, Aha!, and the CMU Astronomy Club.