Are you missing your beloved Black-n-Gold play?

If you are, then check this list to see if there's someplace nearby where you can faithfully follow the exploits of the Steelers! I take no responsibility for the validity of this list, nor am I endorsing any of these establishments -- this is provided only as an information service. If you know of any places not included on this list (preferably outside of Pittsburgh, since you can watch the game on TV anywhere in the 'Burgh area), please send me the relevant info at being sure to follow the format of the other entries. Suggestions for improvement are welcome.

Last updated: Sept. 5, 1994


New York


McGinty's Sports Bar and Restaurant
1795 S. Victoria Avenue
Ventura, California
(805) 658-7390

No cover.

Typical bar fare: Breakfast for the early games (10am), sandwiches for the late
games (1pm).  Prices a hair on the high side.

Drinks: Full bar, average prices

Age limit: none

Steelers fans: Not a lot (but sometimes a few)

Other fans: Mix of fans for most other teams, heavy on the California teams

This bar shows all the games.  They have tv's scattered all over
the place, and a grandstand built in the middle of the bar so the
fans can sit in the bleacher seats and cheer their team.  The 
only problem is, you don't have your own speaker, so you wind up
listening to the game the majority of the customers want to hear,
which is usually LA Rams or Raiders...

Contributed by: Phillip A. Brooker,


The Back Alley
West Palm Beach, FL

No cover charge info.

Typical bar fare: no info.

Drinks: no info.

Age limit: no info

Steelers fans: The Back Alley is the home of the Pittsburgh Steel Thunder Club.
It is the local Steelers ONLY bar.

Other fans: none

Contributed by: Shawn Greenwald,

Pauls Fish Fry
Indiantown Road
Jupiter, FL

No cover charge info.

Typical bar fare: good food.

Drinks: no Iron City beer.

Age limit: no info

Steelers fans: no info.

Other fans: no info.

Steeler games every Sunday.

Contributed by: Jeff Spicer,
JB's Sports Bar
Kirkman Road
Orlando, FL

They have a separate room just for the Steelers games.

Contributed by: Andy Krupit,

New York

Jox Sports Bar
2246 E. River Road
Rochester, NY
(706) 328-1747

No cover, at least when I've been there.

Typical bar fare: good wings, not too expensive

Drinks: average bar stuff, average prices

Age requirement: 21

Steeler fans: 200? on a good day

Other fans: 0 when the Steelers are playing

Contributed by: Ed Ashton --


South Hamilton Road
Columbus, Ohio

No cover.

Typical bar fare: Decent food, decent prices, very good buffalo wings

Drinks: Full bar, average prices

Age requirement: none

This place has four big screens, three in the dining room upstairs
and one downstairs.  When the Steelers are playing the Brownies or
the Bungholes, the dining room fills up with about 1/3 Stiller fans
and 2/3 enemy fans.  When the Steelers play someone else, they 
usually show the game downstairs, and the room is full of nuthin'
but black-n-gold...

Contributed by: Phillip A. Brooker,


Big Wally's
El Paso, TX

No cover charge info.

Typical bar fare: no info

Drinks: no info

Age requirement: no info

The local Steelers Fan Club meets here regularly for games.

Contributed by: rduran@cs.ep.utexas.EDU


12743 Jefferson Ave
Newport News, VA 
(804) 874-4246

No cover charge.

Typical bar fare: sandwiches, some dinners, daily specials, wings, fries.
They do prepare an excellent Pittsburgh-inspired sausage sandwich.
The wings are excellent, the salads a bit smallish, and overall the
prices are about average.

Drinks: several domestic beers on tap (no Iron), decent variety of bottled beers,
full bar (in case the game does not go well). 

Age requirement: since it is a restaurant/bar (as are most places in SE VA),
all ages are welcome for Steeler games. There might be restrictions at night. 

Steeler fans: there is a strong contingent of Steeler fans in the bar. They are loud, 
knowledgeable, and a lot of fun. The official bar policy is that whoever
has the most fans gets the big screen and there has never been a Steeler
game when we didn't get it. They have two satellite dishes so they show all 
the Steeler games.

RJ's also shows Pens games on request. It's a great place to watch a game
but it is not very large. One must arrive about 45 minutes prior to game time
to be guaranteed a seat in front of the big screen -- unless the game is on 
national TV when attendance drops off. 

Contributed by: Chris Frye

Tino's Sports Bar
Sterling, VA 

No cover charge info.

Typical bar fare: no info.

Drinks: no info. 

Age requirement: no info. 

Steeler fans: always packed with Black-n-Gold when the Stillers play.

You have to get there early to get a seat -- it's a small bar.

Contributed by: Scott J. Bayless,
		and Will Ingersoll,
Mclean, VA 

No cover charge info.

Typical bar fare: no info.

Drinks: no info. 

Age requirement: no info. 

Steeler fans: no info.

Contributed by: James Vallely,
Richmond, VA

No cover charge info.

Typical bar fare: no info.

Drinks: no info.

Age requirement: no info.

They show ALL NFL games, but have a specially designated Steeler Room.
They have betting pools, sell merchandise, much more...great fun!

Contributed by: David Shepherd,

Vernon Harmon,