Past Headlines

July 21, 1994

Charles Johnson, WR and number 1 draft pick of the Steelers, has signed for approximately $4.5M over 4 years. WR Ernie Mills also signed a 3 year contract extension for approximately $2M.

July 21, 1994

Battles to watch during Training Camp:
Wide Receiver combinations
Right Guard:		C. Haselrig vs. T. Kalis
Free Safety:		D. Perry vs. G. Brown
Right Defensive End:	R. Seals vs. K. Henry
No. 1 backup RB:	B. Morris vs. R. Cuthbert vs. L. Thompson
No. 1 backup ILB:	R. Barnes vs. D. Hoffman
No. 1 backup OLB:	R. Mack vs. J. Gildon
No. 1 backup SS:	F. Foggie vs. R. Shelton

July 15, 1994

Newly acquired TE Jonathan Hayes will be joining his brother on the Steeler sidelines: Jay Hayes was hired by the Steelers as part of the NFL's minority coaching fellowship. Jonathan was released by the Chiefs earlier this year when he wouldn't take a pay cut. When the Steelers made him an offer, the Chiefs matched it but Hayes decided to come to Pittsburgh to join his family -- his parents live in the 'Burgh area.

July 15, 1994

All rookies reported to camp today, except two: Charles Johnson and Brentson Buckner do not yet have contracts. Some veterans also reported today, including Kevin Henry, Richard Shelton, Randy Cuthbert, Ariel Solomon, Justin Strzelczyk, Ray Seals, Chad Brown and Deion Figures.

July 5, 1994

A few weeks ago, Neil O'Donnell's father finally succumbed to the illness that had been plaguing him for quite some time. Neil called Tom Donahoe from NJ after the funeral and said that he is dedicating this season to his father; he wants to be a better, more vocal leader this season and he wants to end the season with a Super Bowl performance.

July 1, 1994

Former Kansas City Chief TE Jonathan Hayes has been signed by the Steelers. Terms of the contract have not been disclosed. Hayes was released by the Chiefs earlier this year in a suspected salary cap move. It is suspected that the Steelers have signed him as insurance because contract negotiations with Eric Green have been going poorly.

June 4, 1994

Apparently, the reason Charles Johnson has not been at mini-camp is because he saw that 3 WR's had broken bones during the rookie camp last month and he wants to have "playing insurance" before he practices.

June 3, 1994

Even though Freddie Fu, the doctor who operated on Foster's ankle this past year, has given him the ok to workout in mini-camp, Barry is pretty much taking things easy. He is wearing a brace and said that cutting is still a problem. He may miss some of camp to make sure it is completely healed, but he plans to be ready by Sept 4. (opening day). Also, O'Donnell has said that his arm has healed and he's 100%.

Carleton Haselrig supposedly couldn't believe the amount of speculation that went on regarding his absence over the last two months. When asked about it, he said something like "My contract doesn't say I have to be here until today, and I'm here and I wanna play."

Draft choices Johnson and Buckner are not participating in mini-camp, but their agent insists it's *not* because they're not under contract.

June 2, 1994

Haselrig, who said (or was believed) wouldn't make this week's mini-camp showed up for the team meeting last night and appears to be here to participate in camp. He met with Cowher, but there's no word on what they discussed.

June 1, 1994

Packer TE Jackie Harris was at Three Rivers yesterday. Apparently the Steelers aren't too confident about their negotiations with Eric Green and they are begining to look for alternatives. Harris had 97 receptions in the last two years and is a good blocker but is 1.5" shorter and 40lbs lighter than Green. Also, Harris is the Packers' transition player so the Steelers would need to offer him $1.2M. Green has been offered a three year deal for $1.75M per year, but before this offer he called $2M per year "peanuts."

May 25, 1994

Elbert Ellis, the newest WR recruit, has broken his finger. It is not expected to affect his performance.

The Steelers have signed Leroy Thompson to a 1 yr, $649K contract. The grapevine has it that they are still looking to trade him, though, and if that doesn't work out, he may be cut.

Defensive End Kenny Davidson has signed with the Oilers: $3M+ over 3 years.

May 20, 1994

The Steelers have signed Guard Todd Kalis to a three year deal (plus an option year). Kalis played for the Vikings last year (stats not available). The Front Office claims he was brought in to fill Haselrig's spot, since he has been hinting again that he might not return to football.

May 18, 1994

The Steelers' WR coach, Chan Gailey, has a project on his hands and he's happy about it! New recruit Elbert Ellis has impressed Gailey with his physical abilities, but Gailey has to teach Ellis *everything* about being a WR, including what stance to assume prior to the snap. Of the other wideouts, Johnson and Thigpen seem to be ready to get the starting nod. Johnson had an impressive showing at the mini- camp held a few weeks ago, and Thigpen always shows up on time, works hard and makes some spectacular catches (he only had 9 catches last season, but 3 were for TDs). Gailey expects about 50 receptions out of Thigpen this season for 15 or so TDs.

May 17, 1994

Elbert Ellis, sprinter and 6 time All-American hurdler at Pitt, has signed with the Steelers as a WR. The 6'5", 218 lb. Ellis will be 25 in June and has not played organized football since 8th grade. At his tryout with the Steelers, he ran the 40 in 4.38 and jumped 10' 5" in the standing long jump; Donahoe and Cowher were very impressed. They threw some balls to him and he caught them all, so they signed him up.

Vernon H Harmon,