Places to go, things to see

The list is endless. Check out:

  • Self-paced Web Tutorial: Guide to Cyberspace
  • Links to existing demos: Live TV! (requires X)
  • A reworking of existing demos for the Web: Xerox PARC Map Viewer
  • Tele-operation: USC Tele-garden Project
  • Similar institutions: INRIA Computer Vision and general research
  • Hollywood movie clips: Walt Disney Int'l, Paramount
  • Amazing use of hypertext: Internet Movie Database [copies in the UK and Italy as well]
  • Access to ever-changing imagery: Weather Reports
  • The latest additions (What's New): NCSA What's New
  • Cool Things: Cool Site of the Day
  • Travel/Advertising: Bali Online
  • The Web Hall of Fame: Best of the Web
  • Incredible collection of sites: Yahoo
  • Lots of detailed information: NASA's Space Shuttle Reference Manual
  • US Government: Library of Congress, Current Legislation
  • Caffeine No. 1: Internet Accessible Coke Machines
  • Caffeine No. 2: Cambridge Coffee Machine

  • Carnegie Mellon Computer Science
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