WWW Discussion Groups

To talk about the WWW and related tools, use the following:

  • www zephyr instance - Immediate questions and updates about SCS (or CMU) Web services
  • To subscribe (read messages from other people):
    /usr/misc/.zephyr/etc/zwgc -ttymode & (Start up zephyr)
    /usr/misc/bin/zctl add message www '*' (Read all the messages posted to www instance)
  • To post questions or announcements:
    zwrite -i www (Send a message to the folks reading zephyr)
  • cmu.comp.infosystems.www - Questions about CMU-related Web resources
  • comp.infosystems.www.announce - World-wide announcements of new WWW-based services (moderated)
  • comp.infosystems.www.servers.misc (mac, ms-windows, unix) - Discussion of WWW server software and their use in presenting information to users
  • comp.infosystems.www.browsers.misc (mac, ms-windows, X) - Discussion of WWW client software and its use in contacting various Internet information sources. New user questions, client setup questions, client bug reports, resource-discovery questions.
  • comp.infosystems.www.authoring.misc (cgi, html, images) - Discussion of tools and elements involved in creating Web documents
  • comp.internet.net-happenings - Announcements of the latest and greatest Net resources (moderated).

  • Carnegie Mellon Computer Science mwm@cs.cmu.edu
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